Society For Eczema Studies (SES)

SES is the first society of its kind in the Indian Subcontinent dedicated to Eczema/ Allergy of all kinds

There are 7 eczema foundations across the globe :

  • American Eczema Society
  • European Eczema Society
  • British Eczema Association
  • German Eczema Society
  • Japanese Eczema Society
  • International Society of Atopic Dermatitis (ISAD, South Korea)
  • IEC (USA)

The  Society for Eczema Studies (SES) ,the brain child of Dr.Sandipan Dhar, the Indian face of Atopic Dermatitis globally, was formed by a group of Indian Dermatologists on 29th March, 2022.

. Comprising individuals fired with a passion for understanding eczema and knowledge-sharing. SES is the first organization of its kind from the Indian subcontinent. It focuses exclusively on various types of eczema e.g. Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis, occupational, industrial and environmental dermatitis etc. Apart from management of eczema, several related phenomena like itch, allergy, along with advocacy and education. The society has put in place a well-thought-out plan achieve its aims of furthering eczema research, education and training by organizing conferences, workshops, CMEs, quizzes and training programmes throughout India. The society also aims to better the lives of patients  living with eczema by providing patient support to ensure holistic disease management and attainment of healthy skin, through educational booklets and videos and providing a secure platform for online forum discussion and live interaction with experts.